Chaos Magick with Noah Hubler and Christine Tomlinson Chapel Perilous

Every week we roll a 23 sided die to see who will be the next guest to enter Chapel Perilous, and this week it landed on Chaos magician, rapper and comedian Noah Hubler, who brought his comedy mom and friend of the show Christine Tomlinson. He also brought a level of disorder seldom seen or tolerated elsewhere. Enjoy responsibly fellow popes. HAIL ERIS!! click here for the video Follow us and do as we command: @lilaspyfux on insta soundcloud.com/noah-hubler @christileigh_5280 @alanbromwell @coreyjcooley theperilouspodcast.com alanbromwell.com Smokes Quantity by Boards of Canada Robert Anton Wilson on Chaos Khaos x4 by Poppy The Magician by Jason Isbell
  1. Chaos Magick with Noah Hubler and Christine Tomlinson
  2. Fetish Fractal with Von Sprecken
  3. Bill O'Reilly's Archaic Revival with Joshua Forbes and Luke Stamm
  4. Fake Millionaires with Quentin Johnson
  5. The Punchliner with Brad Belanger
  6. The BP Oil Bird Genocide with Jeremy Cash
  7. Friends With Santa with Oshee Baugus
  8. Zen and the Art of Domestic Violence with Indiana Danahue
  9. Little Orphan Eschaton with Austin Langley

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