Medication Time with Dr. Anthony Damn Duncan Chapel Perilous

In an act of solidarity so noble even we can't believe it, we here at the Chapel Perilous have decided to take Pride month away from the gays this year and make the rest of June Black History Month Part 2, starting with our esteemed guest Dr. Anthony Damn Duncan. Anthony explains the dangers of giant tits and voodoo and asks the important question: what race were the girls from the Fanta commercials? I've been told there is a video somewhere out there of the Fantana Girls dancing as the World Trade Center crumbles behind them some 23 years ago. Really makes ya think…..also Black History Month Part 2 is copywritten so fuck off. click here for the video Follow us and do as we command: Anthony Damn Duncan on Facebook @a.d.d_anthonydamnduncan on insta @alanbromwell @coreyjcooley theperilouspodcast.com alanbromwell.com Medication-Queens of the Stone Age The Enchanter-Robert Plant and The Strange Sensation
  1. Medication Time with Dr. Anthony Damn Duncan
  2. Superluminal Pharmaceuticals with Jacob Jonas
  3. Chicken Soup for the Degenerate Gambler's Soul with Josh Grambo and Jeremy Cash
  4. The League of Extraordinary Corey's with Corey (Bear) Quattlebaum and Cory Stevens
  5. The Only Real Kink is Shame with Indiana Danahue
  6. Chaos Magick with Noah Hubler and Christine Tomlinson
  7. Fetish Fractal with Von Sprecken
  8. Bill O'Reilly's Archaic Revival with Joshua Forbes and Luke Stamm
  9. Fake Millionaires with Quentin Johnson

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